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V-Strong Electronics(Hong Kong) Ltd was founded in 2009, is a main active components, passive components supplement the professional and independent electronic component distributors of semiconductors, electronics components, specializing in ICs, Memory, chips, Transistors, Diodes and passives (Cap, Resistors, and Inductors etc.). Our abundant inventory availability is supplemented through a global network of domestic and overseas suppliers ensuring our customers the best possible pricing on materials as well as confident access to obsolete, shortage ,urgent and hard to find components . Our Global services include sourcing, long term cost down forecast orders, consignment, JIT delivery, and BOM kitting  .Our "Customer is God" attitude, excellent quality, reasonable price and fast delivery, adequate supply, as well as stock in a large number of rapid development of the company in a short time, the industry has won In year 2008, a good reputation for the global electronics market. As an established and proven global supply chain services provider to top-tier OEMs, CEMs and service depotsat with a good and close partnership with customers throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, the Middle East and Taiwan.We serviced over 1000 brands as agent and distributor for global customers need. V-strong Shenzhen office has an area of over 2000 square meters and accommodates more than 100 professional colleagues to provide 24-hours service for global customers. V-strong has branches in Hong Kong, Wuxi, Xi'an, Wuhan, Australia. More branches are in preparation...


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